My name is Matt Jones and I am passionate about self-development in the modern world. 

As a licensed therapist, depth-oriented executive coach, published author, and doctorate student, I spend the bulk of my time working to accompany others on their journey to fulfillment, health, and prosperity. 

I've worked in diverse settings with unique people from all walks of life. Whether it's running group therapy in a substance abuse center, providing psychological assessments across the lifespan in the best private practice in Chicago, supplying individual and couple's therapy to members of the LGBTQ community in the largest LGBTQ treatment center in the Midwest, or working with college students at a prestigious university, my range of psychological training has refined my clinical skills and broadened my professional horizons. 

In addition to individual, couples, and group therapy, I enjoy developing outreach programs and creating engaging presentations for the community. I've had the opportunity to deliver multicultural competency training programs at hospitals, share current research about cyberbullying to help modify school policies in top private schools, aid major corporation's wellness in the workplace programs, and write transformative articles for an international business audience. 

I also provide consulting services for top-tier organizations in need of a fresh perspective informed by the science and art of psychology. Using my expertise in psychodynamic theories, I identify key strengths in organizational processes and work effectively to improve team cohesion, streamline communication, and deliver rapid results.

While staying active as one of the top students in my university, I've also provided life coaching to many amazing, influential, and inspirational clients. Successful executives, entrepreneurs, and sought-after consultants are only a few of the titles my clients hold. However, I know that people are more than their titles, just as students are more than their Grade Point Average.

We all have something unique to share and offer the world. I'm here to maximize your individual talents.