A Guide From the Beginning

A story

 A guru dressed in all black with a silver pendant approached a woman with an infant, “A beautiful young boy,” he said. After the woman nodded, he looked her in the eyes and whispered, “Matthew is a special soul. He is wise beyond his years and will bring you much happiness.” The mother was speechless, astonished that this man she had never met knew her child’s name. The guru then gave him a blessing and opened his third eye chakra. The guru walked away, never to be seen again. 


Life coaches don't need credentials. The burden is on the consumer to decide whether or not a life coach is qualified to entrust with their personal growth.

Unlike most coaches that lack training or sport their weekend-intensive training certificates, I have years of formal training to support my lived experience guiding people towards more fulfilling and enriching lives.

I attended the University of Missouri and earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology. Then I followed my bliss to the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where I earned a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology specialized in humanistic-existential therapy and addictions.

Now I’m continuing my education and earning a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and specializing in spirituality and contemporary relational psychodynamic therapy.


Coaching is different from psychotherapy. As a life coach, I am more direct in my approach and tend to work with high-functioning adults (physicians, lawyers, executives, and other coaches) who simply need a tune-up rather than a new engine.

If you are highly motivated and ready to create a positive change in your life, but are having difficulty formulating a plan--let's work together to formulate an individualized approach that will point you towards fulfillment and success!


The mind, body, and spirit need to be in balance and harmony with one another to achieve maximum growth.

Most life coaches find solutions to external circumstances but fail to address the root of challenges, and most psychologists hide behind the veil of professionalism as a “blank slate” rather than sharing their journey. 

People need stories to relate to others. This website is my story and contains information that may help others continue their journey towards self-improvement. 

I have a unique understanding of the universe based on my own lived experiences rather than a textbook that aids my ability to work with people in an authentic and genuine manner, which is the true source of change. I also have the academic knowledge to support and enrich my lived experiences.

On one hand, I am immersed in spirituality, transcendence, sacredness, and nonduality--I am pure awareness, pure love bliss, and that which is prior to all conditions. On the other, I am identified with the character of Matthew Jones, and I am playing an enjoyable game of self-discovery that's only possible as a separate self. 

I am the integration, the blending of worlds that I help others attain. 

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