My name is Matt Jones and I am passionate about self-development in the modern world. 

As a licensed therapist, addiction therapist, life coach, author, and doctorate student, I spend the bulk of my time working to accompany others on their journey to fulfillment, health, and prosperity. 

I know, however, that little is accomplished if I am not aligned with my own values, goals and purpose. While many healers offer great services to others, I continue engaging in self-growth myself so that clients experience my congruence, authenticity, and genuineness.

In short, I practice what I preach.

This website is my virtual business card containing elements of my published writing, the services I offer, and contact information so that I can connect with you. 

I hope that you find value in my written materials and will reach out when you are ready to start taking your personal growth and self development to the next level.

Remember, every Michael Jordan needs a Phil Jackson to achieve the pinnacle of success.