A Non-Dual Conceptualization of Therapy

Therapy is simple.

When you boil it down to it’s most basic components, therapy is nothing more than two people sitting alone in a room and talking. As a doctorate student, I can attest to the fact that therapy is much more complex in theory and practice, but most people just see two people talking about feelings.

How can something so simple literally rewire the brain and lead to long-term benefits of self awareness, better relationships, improved communication, and higher emotional intelligence?

Most people, psychologists included, make the wrong fundamental assumption.  

The majority of the population believes that their body, or their mind, or their ego is who they really are. I don’t adhere to the model that there are two people in a room because I don’t subscribe to the idea of individual separate selves.

I think that there is only The Divine Oneness of Unbroken Light. There is only Consciousness Itself. All apparent modifications of this consciousness manifest as conditions, which become subject to destruction and resurrection, subject and object, and all other dichotomies. The constriction of Awareness, or consciousness itself, is what results in the process of the separate self, which is an illusion.

I view people as consciousness constricted.

This self-contraction can be understood as a pinpoint of light, which is concentrated at one location in space-time. Therefore, therapy is two of these pinpoints of light that are locating and contacting one another. As these two lights shine at one another, they become brighter, and begin to blossom through the relaxation of the constriction. The relaxing of the self-contraction leads to a brightening—an increase in aliveness—that leaves both the therapist and client transformed.

When awareness recognizes itself, it self-integrates and self-heals.

In therapy, when these two pinpricks of light shine on one another and become brighter, they loosen the layers of social conditioning and personhood that have been transmitted through culture and identification with the separate self body-mind ego. The circle of brightness expands until it illuminates and outshines the traumas and suffering inherent within the identification as separate and therefore exposed to all dichotomies and subject to experiences of conditional objects. The brightening is like a blossoming flower. As the flower matures in the sunlight, it opens and seeks nurturance while radiating beauty and love.