Stop Skipping Levels: My Message to Spiritual Seekers

In a previous post I mentioned that spirituality is one way to alleviate some of that suffering. In this post, I want to briefly address my personal message to spiritual seekers.

While involved in the spiritual community, I’ve noticed that there are many individuals that employ a defensive spirituality. They use spirituality to defend against painful emotions and experiences they don’t want to address (as mentioned in this previous post).

The reason they are stuck on their spiritual path and their mind-body path is because they have not addressed body-mind emotional wounds. They are trying to skip levels.

You can’t skip levels.

When progressing from an ego or individual separate self body-mind identification to a higher consciousness, your unconscious baggage follows. All of the things you’ve been pushing to your unconscious through repression and other defense mechanisms start to manifest in your reality. Your old wounds follow you like mirrors, testing you along the way. This is why you will notice similar challenges and circumstances arising that have already occurred in one form or another. You are being tested.

Until you address your old wounds head on, spirituality is a defense mechanism. It may even prevent you from going back to process your deep feelings of inadequacy and fear of abandonment. It may be something you use to tell others, in a socially acceptable way, to leave you alone. That is a defensive position rooted in your ego, not a true spiritual position.

You may have familiarity with spirituality, but you have yet to address your issues that are tied to the mind and the body. That causes uneven development in which your spirituality may be more well developed than your mind and body. In order to level up, you must address all three: mind, body, and spirit.

By learning to expand your consciousness and develop higher ways of being, you alleviate the inherent suffering linked to your physical conditional existence. You learn relax into presence, develop mindfulness rooted in the here-and-now, and ease into a state of pure Being. However, if you seek this spirituality without first addressing your conditional body-mind traumas, the teachings and practices will not end your suffering, and may prevent you from experiencing what I just described.

I’m here to help you pass the test.

I’m here to help you learn your unique lesson and to help guide to a fully integrated and successful individual. I want to teach you how to align your mind, body, and spirit, which will enable you to find your path and achieve your dreams.