My Thoughts on Leadership

Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. Believe it or not, you don't need a title to become an effective leader, although it certainly helps clarify those responsibilities. 

Instead of following the trend of people discussing charismatic leadership styles, the model I embrace is authentic leadership development. I believe that people respond best in the long run to leaders who have the ability to stay true to their values and act in accordance with those principles. The type of leaders who not only inspire others through their words, but even more so through their actions and behaviors, which are always congruent with their mission and purpose. 

When I write about leadership I do my best to cover a wide range of topics, focused mainly on the psychology of leaders and those who follow them. I bring value to this space through my knowledge of psychology, sociology, and the complex interaction between individuals and systems. Although I don't always use such fancy language in articles, many themes I discuss involve complex theories about how to maximize effectiveness when you're responsible for teams, peers, and/or coworkers. 

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Matthew Jones