My Thoughts on Productivity


Productivity. The one thing that we can all agree is important in the workplace and at home with loved ones. One problem that most people have when it comes to productivity, however, is the fact that all things are interconnected.

For example, if you're exhausted from lack of sleep or poor nutrition, then you're more likely to become mentally fatigued while staring at a spreadsheet. The complex interactions between the biological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual dimensions of life are difficult to master. So many of us find that when we're doing well in one of the aforementioned areas, a different aspect of our lives is struggling. We find ourselves chronically unbalanced and then become upset when we aren't as productive as we would prefer.

Just in case I wasn't clear already, my writings on productivity are focused on integration and balance. While several articles may focus on a certain facet of productivity--such as setting better boundaries with yourself regarding technology or sleep--the sum whole of my work shows readers that all areas of their lives impact productivity. 

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Matthew Jones