My Thoughts on Self Development

When I write about self development, I approach the topic from a holistic understanding of wellness. That means that instead of focusing exclusively on one subject, I cover a wide range of topics that help people become their best possible selves.

I employ a wide range of techniques to elicit responses from my readers, some of which include being provocative, sharing brutally honest truths, or even reflecting back unhealthy habits I see in the world. All of my methods work on multiple levels--they force people to think and reflect about themselves. In my opinion, critical self-reflection is an undervalued and under-utilized skill that sets the foundation of self-awareness. Regardless of the content I produce on the topic of self development, my aim is always to contribute value with some low hanging fruit along with deeper meanings for those open to such possibilities. 

Within the domain of self development, I enjoy writing about the following areas: happiness, which I think is often misunderstood; truths about life that are often ignored; confidence, which is different than grandiosity; and fulfillment--a topic that is complex and often only understood with age, maturity, and the wisdom of experience. 

Please check my column in Inc. Magazine to continue reading more of my articles on self development. 

Matthew Jones