depth-Oriented Coaching


I offer highly specialized coaching for up to three clients at a time. I only select three of the most qualified candidates to work with so that I can provide them with my undivided attention and accomplish unparalleled results.

The type of clients I coach are motivated professionals--executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, and more--who don't just want to attain an abstract definition of success, but truly want to make an impact on the world.

They know that professional development without personal growth creates a life devoid of richness, depth, and fulfillment. My clients are receptive to feedback and actively seeking out opportunities to grow in all aspects of their lives. 


I am a depth-oriented coach, meaning that my work with clients is far from superficial. I don’t just aim to improve your productivity by eliminating barriers to success, I want to change your foundation so that you can live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

If you’re looking for quick-fixes, advice, activities, and mere symptom reduction—I’m not the coach for you. I only work with people that want to understand themselves and are ready to do the hard work of investigating what makes them tick.

Together we move from the goals and motivations that prompted you to seek my services in the first place to the deeper core of your being, where the root of your suffering originates. It’s at that point—of confronting your darkness—that transformation occurs, creating increased presence, a feeling of power, and the ability to achieve your true potential. 


I offer flexible payment schedules. Individual payment plans are outlined on the coaching agreement and waiver form, which must be completed and signed prior to engagement. 

Payments are sent via PayPal or Venmo.



I provide psychotherapy for two companies in Denver, Colorado.

I work in the Highlands at SonderMind, an insurance-friendly practice that aims to make services affordable and accessible for everyone.

I also work at Integrative Therapeutic Solutions, a practice aimed at providing high-quality psychological services to individuals and their family members.

Please contact each company directly and request to work with me.



Presence is my most valuable resource, as it allows me to make the best use of my time. Despite my limited availability, I enjoy collaborating with other professionals who are passionate about the topic of self-development. 

Please contact me today if I can provide value to you and your endeavors.